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El cooperativismo como comunal

Praktyka Teoretyczna – 1(27)/2018
Cooperation as the Institution of the Common, libre para descargar como pdf o epub.

“This issue of Theoretical Practice proposes a possible response – both theoretical and practical – to the contemporary crisis of the left: a return to the tradition and idea of cooperativism. For us, conceiving of cooperativism in terms of the common, that is, as a network of the institutions of the common, means, first, to recover its political potential in creating new social relations on the terrain of basic economics, i.e. in producing to satisfy one’s needs and those of others. It means rethinking the values of freedom, equality and solidarity from their most practical side, i.e. free, equal and mutual cooperation, and thus redefining communism as the ―real movement‖ able to transform the present state of things on the basis of unfettered and horizontal cooperation”


PT 1(27)/2018

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